Guided meditations to deepen your practice

Guided RAIN Meditation

Practice RAIN (Recognize, Allow, Investigate and Nurture) to help yu deal with hard things.

Exploring the Mansion of Your Mind

In this meditation we will look at different rooms (memories) in your mind to see if what you were telling yourself was true then, if you are still telling yourself that and whether it is true today.

Loving Kindness Meditation

In this meditation we will practice the skill of loving kindness so we can let our light shine brighter on ourselves and others.

Relaxing Body Scan

In this meditation we practice paying attention to body sensations, shifting the focus of our awareness and turning toward uncomfortable sensations.

Distancing from Your Memories

In this meditation you will practice ways to distance from your memories so you can see them from a different perspective. Start with the easier memories to deal with so you can learn the skills without overwhelming yourself

Innate Goodness Meditation

Explore how meditating on your innate goodness bring calm and centeredness.

Mastering Your Mind: Thought Meditation

Use this meditation to process thoughts that keep reoccurring.

Mapping Your Route

In this meditation we will practice some routes you can take on your path to your North Star.

Awareness of Feeling Tones

Our feeling tones influence our thoughts, words and actions. In this meditation we will practice becoming away of feeling pleasant, unpleasant or neutral.

Self-Compassion: Building Resilience

Self-compassion makes you more resilient. Learn to care about yourself, as fragile and imperfect as you are. we will look at ourselves with eyes of understanding and love, water the seeds of joy and happiness.

Experiencing Gratitude

In this meditation we will watch our thoughts go by, exploring things we are grateful for, things we take for granted, people we are grateful for and experiences we are grateful for.

Untangling Your Emotional Knots

RAIN (Recognize-Allow-Investigate-Non-identification/ Nurture) helps you apply mindfulness and self-compassion to the emotional tangles and knots in your life.

Right Effort

Finding the balance in our efforts to meditate. Simply relaxing into awareness and accepting what comes up.

Noticing Meditation 

No need to be hyper vigilant. Simply notice what is happening in the present moment, again and again.

Kindness Meditation

Building your kindness muscle helps you to weather life’s ups and downs better.

Accepting Pain Meditation 

Resisting pain increases its intensity.  Try this meditation to see the benefits of accepting pain.

Body Scan

Some of us, like Mr. Duffy in James Joyce’s Dubliners live a short distance from our body. The body scan, helps bring us in touch with our bodies in the present moment.  We practice concentration, tolerating, accepting and letting go.

Full Loving Kindness

We develop our kindness muscle by sending well wishes to a loved one, ourselves, a neutral person, a difficult person and finally to all beings everywhere.

Accepting What Is

Mindfulness is non-judgmental awareness.  In this meditation we will practice being aware and accepting whatever is happening in the present moment.

Building Resilience

Resilience is a skill you can learn.  Use this meditation to practice resilience.