Guided meditations to center yourself

Seing Clearly Meditation

Practice noticing your body sensations. Then look at your memories and distinguish the facts from the stories you added on.

Best Version of You Meditation

Take time to reflect on your deepest goal, your North Star.Look at what makes your heart sing and what weighs you down.

Self-Love Meditation

In this meditation we will enourage self-love by repeating phrases that wish us well.

Gratitude for Things You Take for Granted

In this meditation you can relax into feeling grateful for things you normally take for granted.

Relaxing into Balance

Practice relaxing your body and your mind so you come into balance. Being upright and yet relaxed. Not trying too hard, but not being lackadaisical.

What’s Happing in the Moment

In this meditation, our focus is on seeing what’s in the moment, without preconceived notions, or snap judgments. We’re not elaborating, we’re not getting lost in the thoughts. This really allows us to know ourselves more fully.

Untangling Your Knots with RAIN

Think about a time you have turned on yourself. It could be that you did not take care of a relationship (or yourself) in a skillful way.  It may be that you lashed out in anger.  Maybe you were not careful, and you made a mistake.  Or you are at war with yourself for not taking care of the needs of yourself, a partner, a friend, or your child.  It may be something difficult at work. We will work through RAIN (Recognize, Allow, Investigate and Nuture) to untangle your real life example.

Changing the Focus of Your Attention

Practice changing the focus of your attention. We will begin switching attention from one body part to another and move on to switching attention between thoughts.

Meditation on a Small Loss

In this meditation you will practice turning toward pain by meditating on a small loss.

Breathing in Caring

Meditation to practice opening to let caring in.

Receiving and Releasing

Practice receiving the good and letting go of what you don’t need.

Cultivating Equanimity Meditation

By letting yourself really feel the meaning behind the phrases you silently repeat to yourself, you cultivate equanimity.

Explore Limiting Belief Meditation

Explore how it feels to believe a limiting belief and how much better it feels to believe the opposite.

Awe Unconditional Love

Strengthen your ability to feel awe and unconditional love by practicing savoring the feelings.

Inner Critic Inner Nurturer

Notice the dfference between the inner critic and the inner nurturer dominating your mind.

Stoking the Flame of Kindness

In this meditation, we use the concept of building a campfire to stoke the flames of kindness.

Getting Familiar with Your Body’s Sensations

Get to know the sensations in your body that alert you when something isn’t quite right. You can use that sensation as a mindfulness bell.

Scanning Your Body for Tension

Ground yourself by scanning your body for tension and using your out breath to release the tension.

Changing the Focus of Your Attention

Practice changing the focus of your attention as you scan from one body part to the next. See how you don’t have to push the sensations away, they simply fade into the background when you change the focus of your attention.

Simply Being

See how it feels to give yourself the gift of simply being.

Relaxing into the Present

Take time to relax your body, let go of the past and the future and simply enjoy the present moment.

Settling into the Present Moment

Let go of the past and the future by relaxing and softening your body. Ground yourself with your feet on the floor and your sitbones on the chair.

Shining the Light of Awareness on Memories

Practice moving from shining the light of awareness on memories to shining the light on your breath. Notice how different memories produce different sensations in your body.

Noticing Gratitude Read Post

We often don’t even notice what we could feel grateful for. Notice how it feels to be grateful for things you often take advantage of.

Affectionate Breathing Meditation

Let the ryththm of your breathing sooth your body so you can cultivate a strong back and a soft front.

Acceptance Meditation

Practice acceptance of the little things to build your muscles so you can let go of your tethers.

Shining the Light of Your Awareness Meditation

Notice your thoughts and sensatons as they arise to strengthen your sense of gratitude for the present moment.

Opening to Thoughts

Watch your thoughts arise and pass away. Look under the story line of a recurring thought to see what you are believing. Notice how it feels to distance yourself from that belief.

Settling into the Present Moment

Practice settling into the present moment. Just notice the thoughts, sounds and sensations while letting go of judgments. Don’t try to change anything.

Cultivating Loving Kindness Meditation

Practice feeling your inner goodness, the feeling of unconditional love. Learn to savor rather than ignore this feeling.

Equanimity Meditation

We all get tugged around by the circumstances in our lives. Practice bringing yourself back to taste equanimity.

Feeling Tone Meditation

Become aware of the tone underlying your feelings, be it pleasant, unpleasant or neutral.


Learn to be with difficult feelings and unpleasant feeliing tones with RAIN (Recognize, Allow, Investigate and Nurture).

Cultivating Kindness

Build your kindness muscle by felling a moment of unconditional love and sending well wishes to a loved one and yourself.

Body Scan

Practice concentration, flexibility and tolerance with this body scan meditation.

Experiencing Gratitude

There is so much we take for granted that we could be grateful for. See whether you feel grateful for any of these suggestions.

Paying Attention to Your Inner Critic

Stories of guilt or shame become habitual reaction to stress in our lives. In this meditation we will pay attention to what happens when the inner critic dominates our minds so we can update the reward value in our orbitalfrontal cortex.

Strong Back, Soft Front, Inner Goodness

When you need to resource yourself, use this meditation to feel your strength, and your inner goodness.

Do Nothing Meditation

In this meditation we will get a taste of what it feels like to quit fighting life and just do nothing.

Grounding into Self-care

In this practice we will ground ourselves to notice whether our comfortable position really serves us well.

Meditating on Obstacles

Meditate on potential obstacles, so you can notice when they are arising more quickly.

Grounding thru Movement

Practice bringing yourself to the present moment through slight movements.

Inner Goodness

Resourcing yourself by contemplating on your inner goodness.

What’s Important

Meditating on what is important in life.

Breath Meditation

Focusing on the feelings invoked by the breath.

Watching Your Thoughts

Watching the thoughts that arrive in your mind and labeling them.

Communication Practice

Practice being more skillful during difficult conversations.

Five Senses

Practice being aware of what your senses take in, and how you impute meaning.

Mindful of What Is

Practice being mindful of what is happening in the present moment.

Seeing the Abundance

Gratitude meditation to train our brain to see the abundance in our lives.

Watching Your Senses

In the meditation we will practice paying attention to what we take in through our senses and how it impacts our body, mind and feelings.

Coming into the Here and the Now

Grounding yourself in the present moment.

Sitting with Difficulties

Practice being with difficult thoughts, feelings or sensations.

Being in the Present Moment

In this meditation you will practice being with whatever you are experiencing in the present moment.

Giving Loving Kindness to Ourselves

In this meditation, you will use those who love you to see the good in yourself, so you can wish yourself well.

Loving Kindness

In this loving kindness meditation, we will experiment with different phrases for different groups of people so you can see what resonates best with you.

Rumination to Investigation

Learn to move from rumination to investigation.

Your Inner Critic’s Verdict

Your inner critic defines your verdict. What are you telling yourself before you wake up?

Being with What Is

Learn to accept reality as it is to reduce unpleasantness and increase happiness.

Practicing with Anchors

Try out different anchors for your attention to see which work best for you

Releasing Tension

In this meditation you will focus on releasing the tension in your body so you can be in the present moment.

Shifting Focus

In this meditation you will practice shifting the focus of your attention.

Cultivating Happiness

Happiness is a skill you can cultivate.  Incline your brain towards happiness with this practice.


RAIN is a mindfulness tool we use to Recognize, Allow, Investigate, and Non-personalize our negative emotions.

Awareness Meditation

Become aware of what you are thinking and feeling. Bring your body and mind together in the present moment.

Coming Into Presence

In this meditation you will practice coming back to the present moment, aware of your body, your breath, your thoughts and your feelings.

Self Acceptance

With dignity and stability, we will send loving kindness to every part of us.

Noticing Meditation 

Notice what is happening in the present moment.

Calming Breath

Three methods of breathing to calm your stress.

Body Scan: Shifting Attention

In this meditation we will shift our attention from one body part to another.  Training our brains to change the channel.

Four Special Qualities Meditation

Loving Kindness, Joy, Compassion and Equanimity; these four qualities are the great removers of tension, the great peace-makers in social conflict, and the great healers of wounds suffered in everyday life. In this meditation we will practice developing these qualities.

Beginning Loving Kindness

This beginning loving kindness meditation you will wish yourself and a loved one well.

Self-Compassion Meditation

Self compassion is being a good friend to ourselves. As we do the self-compassion meditation, we will choose a sensation of discomfort in the body or a small irritation as the focus of our meditation.  We want to poke a little hole instead of opening a door.

Equanimity Meditation

In this meditation we will reflect on our desire for happiness and freedom from suffering, both for yourself and for others. While at the same time considering the necessity of balancing our desire to make positive change in the world with the reality that we cannot control the actions of others.

Grateful Thoughts

We will open each door to looking at our thoughts in these four categories: things we are grateful for, things we take for granted,people and experiences. We are training our brain to become aware of our thoughts.