Guided meditations to fit in your life

Strength & Energy Meditation

Using the strength and energy of being in the present moment to relax our thoughts and calm our mind.

Grounding Meditation

Meditation to bring your mind and your body into the present moment.

Authentic Self Affirmations

Strengthen your resolve to live your authentic self with these affirmations.

Sensations Obstacles Create

Feel the sensations in your body that obstacles such as desire/craving, aversion/anger, restlessness/worry, sloth/torpor, doubt, and delusion create.

What Matters

Reflect on what matters.

Feeling the Beginning of the In Breath

Feeling the beginning of the in breath, deep in your belly.

Grounding Meditation

Bringing yourself into the present moment.

Awareness of the Present Moment

Practice being aware of what is happening in the present moment and how it changes.

Five Senses

Practice being aware of your five senses.

Practicing Equanimity

Learning to accept what is.


Marinate in a feeling of warm-heartedness and well-being.

Self Compassion Meditation

In this practice you will bring to mind a difficult situation and practice giving yourself self compassion.

Basic Breath Meditation

Practice being aware of your breath, your bodily sensations and when you are lost in thought.

Anxiety Meditation

A technique for learning to work with your anxiety.

Calming Breath Meditation

Three methods of breathing to calm your stress.

Head Scan

This meditation is for people with pain in their body. We will train our brains to notice the sensations in our head and to soften as needed.

Meditation and Distractions

It is unrealistic to think that your mind will not wander when you are meditating.  Many distractions will arise during your meditation.  Simply shepard your attention back to your breath again and again.

Breath Meditation for Busy Minds

Sometimes we need words to help us pay attention to our breath.  This meditation uses a short poem to help us stay present.  The shortened version is: In, Out, Deep, Slow, Calm, Ease, Smile, Release, Present Moment, Wonderful Moment.  Use this meditation when your mind just doesn’t want to settle.

Easing Tension Meditation

We often carry a lot of tension in our shoulders, jaws, forehead and hands.  In this meditation we will focus on letting those tensions dissolve.

Thought Meditation

Anything that takes our attention from the present moment is a thought.  In this brief meditation, we will watch our thoughts come and go.

Short Grounding Meditation

Grounding meditation is a short mindfulness practice that helps to bring us here, into our body, in this moment.

Morning Meditation

Try this morning meditation instead of hitting the snooze button.  You don’t even have to get out of bed for it.

Grounding Meditation   

Grounding meditation is a short mindfulness practice that helps to bring us here, into our body, in this moment.

Accepting What is

One of the purposes of meditation is to train our brains to accept what is instead of clinging to the pleasant or pushing away the unpleasant.   In this meditation we will practice being non-judgmental.

Mindfulness of Sound 

Sound is a useful object of meditation, as we hear only the sounds of the moment.  We don’t hear the sounds of the past or the future.